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What to do? What to say? I don't know

By Tuesday, November 15, 2016 , , ,

Uh, Um... I don't know.. to be honest, I really don't know what to say... I have no idea what to do next. Last night, one of the most horrible nightmare finally come. Situation where Me and my friend can't handle it. We can't do anything to explain and we can't do anything to help our bestie. We're stuck in the situation that... really hurt so much. You don't get it? of course because it's too complicated to explain..

We never meant to make our bestie grow to be a rebel for her parents. so why she called us with a harassment word? to be honest it's hurt. But we still fine, as long as we can be friend with her daughter. But if she doesn't want her daughter be friend with us, just tell us with good attitude, don't be like that, we're so sad. 

Dear my friend, I hope you good there, we're still friends no matter what. We're so sorry about this situation, but take it in the good way, I hope you'll be a good daughter for your parents, reach your dreams and always remember that we still here for you, even though maybe after this, we're not as close as before this situation happen.

I just sent you text message, I hope you read it and you're not misunderstanding with my word. 
To be honest, We're feeling lost about you, cause you are the color of our friendship:). And you also know that I have claircognizance so you know that all of this intuition, instinct, and vision makes me got a headache haha :')

For me, friendship is more important than love relationship. So I'll be really sensitive when I'm stuck in the problem about friendship. And you my friend, I think that you two are my own little sisters. This is an unique friendship bonding, connected by the internet :v 

 It feels really  hurt to write down all of this, but I hope the best for you, and your future. don't worry .. we're still 'cees' haha
you always can find us in the same place where you know that we'll be there. 

Good there buddy^^

Btw, my lovely readers, this is my recent picture, I've been taken this picture yesterday:) Now I am a student in Law faculty and I still  had a mid test until wednesday.

Don't ask me anything now, I'm tired.

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