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Other side about my heart :v

By Sunday, October 23, 2016 , ,

Alone, yeah ... I'm not talking about love relationship, but Friendship.
from the time to time, I learned that don't put your trust to anyone. Never trust anybody. I learned that 'bonding' will make you hurt in the end. It doesn't matter how long you keep your bond with your friends. It will eroded by the time.

Find your own way by your self. I've ever hand my trust and hope to my friend. But what I got now?? The one I trust left me behind. Hahaha .. It's funny isn't it? Like, I trust 'em like my own siblings but as I said, what I got? they left me behind.

One thing I got from this situation, be the person who kind to others but better hide your feelings from them. Cause no one will understand you except your self.
it looks negative? but be  rational person, man! You can't be naive. Everyone tricks you! everyone used you for their business and then gone, they'll left you behind!

Are you happy being ignored!? I'm not!!! I'm tired, everytime I hand my trust to some people, they always cheated on me... and put me in the worst situation that I had to solve 'em by my self..
If you think you have best friends in your real life, I bet you'll know about the hurt that I feel now.

I have some friends that I trust on my social media. to be honest, I'm still afraid that they'll left me like everyone in my life.
should I hand my trust to them..? Should I?
But, as far as I know, they are such a kind person ... And I have some similarities with 'em. I enjoyed being with them, like doing some crazy stuff, laugh and many more, Hahaha ... I feel like I have an Internet Family ... :') (Thank's for being my cees guys!! luv u guys so much~~!!)
but if they also left me behind in the future. Aah ... I surrender ,I guess I will never make a bonding friendship with people anymore. Um, maybe....

What am I talking about? Eh ... I'm just ... feeling empty ... and tired.

But for you guys, If you have someone you trust, whoever they are, whatever if they are your online friends or  your real life friends, if you feel that they're your friends... Keep holding on , don't leave 'em. Cause you know how much the hurt you feel when you are alone...
so don't let them feeling that too...
Keep respect to each other. Be the kind person and the honest person. Do all your best for the people you love (Not only your bae, but also your family and ... your friends, and enemy if you have :v)
Be positive person.

Haa~ Long time no see and I posted a unimportant thing :v I'm sorry guys, but hope you learn something by reading my article :)
and this is october right? Happy Anniversary for my blog!! :3

Love you guys!
Mata Aishimasou ne^^

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