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Happy Birthday Uchiha Itachi and lots of Love for Guns n' Roses

By Thursday, June 09, 2016 , , ,

Long time no see, I've been busy with my wattpad account and some 'useless' activity in the real life :v
btw, I wanna say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVELY BAE Uchiha Itachi!!!

Btw, I've been addicted again with the one and only Guns n' Roses,
I really love that band.

Ah, seriously GnR is the most amazing Band in my whole life!
I love all of their song.
but my Favorite is 14 Years, Dust n' Bones, Sweet Child O mine, Mr Brownstone, My Michelle, Used to love her, Don't Cry  (1987 version), Patience, Rocket Queen, Yesterday and So Fine.

The most I love between these 5 amazing man is Izzy Stradlin (Jeffrey Dean Isbell)
I love him since the first time I saw him in the Internet, I think it was 2010. at the time, I saw 'Sweet Child O' Mine' Music Video and I saw Izzy played his guitar and make me crazy of love 
He is the Best Rythm Guitarist I've ever know. He is PERFECT.

 This is what I mean 

I think he's cute  

 He is the perfect one, oh god 

 Master Izzy and Slash (Actually, I think this is the best picture of them)

I know you are sexy Mr stradlin, so stop making me fangirling all day 

Guns n' Roses had a reunion, and Izzy doesn't take a part there, but I really hope that he involved at the next shows, seriously I really want to see the classic lineup again (include Adler of course) 
Please Izzy, join them again :'(
Not only for me, but for all your fans :')

But I always support you wherever you are and support all of your decisions, I want the best for you bae  

Absolutely full support for Guns n' Roses, the best for you guys!
I can't watch their tour live, cause I'm so far away from America :(
but I will watch in youtube :v #BitterTruth

Take me down to the paradise city  

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