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Back to 80's : Izzy Stradlin Inspired Look

By Sunday, June 19, 2016 , , , , , ,

Oh, Hi guys! finally I posted somethings that isn't useless :p
Yeayyy another fashion post by me.
Now I'm going to share some outfit that inspired by the one and only Izzy Stradlin.

FYI, Izzy Stradlin is the ex-Guns n' Roses rythm guitarist, oh wait, I've been posted about him in my last thread.

Back to topic, here is some picture
*oh I am trully sorry because in  this picture I look really FAT :(

 This is what I mean about Izzy's inpired look <3

Yeah, Outfit No.1
I wear washed grey colour denim jacket, white shirt, black tank top, ripped black jeans, umm maybe newsboy cap, and pairs of boots. Oh, and I wear a lot of necklace (Itachi's necklace is also there)

Outfit No.2
Here is it, Izzy's inpired look. (You can see in his live shows with Gn'R 85-88)
Same white shirt as I wear in the outfit no 1, black vest, same ripped black jeans, same newsboy cap, and still with my boots, oh, wait. some necklace :)

For the makeup, I just search on Google about 80's makeup and the simplest is, yeah as you can see.
mate lipstick, and focus in the eye makeup.

Okay, that is.
hope you guys like it.

I am madly in love with Guns n' Roses classic Line up 

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